Friday, November 22, 2013

Southern Speak - Online Resources

At SARA's October meeting, Emmeline Lock presented some great online resources for authors to help with various aspects of writing. We thought we'd share all her hard work with you!


SARA/RWA links
SARA website
(static info)
SARA blog
(dynamic news)
RWA website

RWA blog

Online resources – like an encyclopedia, only more exciting.
One of the places that knows everything, but is littered with writer’s license.  Written by civilians.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Myths from around the world
Behind the name
The meaning of names
British Library
Online gallery
Fashion Era
Clothes throughout the ages
Bookish places – online libraries and the like.
Fantastic Fiction UK
Great for checking continuities.
Library Thing
Book database – record what you are reading
Book database
Book database
Another database.  For books. 
International Movie Database (IMDB)
Um, movie database.
Civilian-uploaded videos.  Book trailers, music, and more.
Amazon (to buy)
Buy books print/kindle (app)
The Book Depository
Buy print books
Abe Books
Buy print books
Project Gutenberg
Free eBooks (check laws)
Craft – getting down to the business of writing
Show Me the Money – Brenda Hiatt
A table of what authors earn where
Kristin Nelson’s Pub Rants
Agent extraordinaire
Predators & Editors
Is your editor a predator?
Gabrielle Luthy
Articles for writers
Martha Alderson – Plot Whisperer
Martha writes books on writing books
Marg McAlister
Writing teacher and author
Writer’s Digest
Articles for writers

Trish Wylie
Articles for writers
Romance University
More articles for writers

Erotica Readers
Resources for erotica writers
Rachel Aaron
Author of spec fic and craft books
Great for visual story boarding
Picasa Web Albums
Great for creating album for blog – Helen uses for the DSDU book covers.
eHarlequin Community
Reading challenges/craft info/forums/authors and more
Spec fic specific markets
Now a member service of markets
Fiction Factor
Online magazine for fiction writers
Anne Gracie
Look for the ‘about writing’section
Paula Roe
Harlequin author, lots of craft help
Blake Snyder
Save the Cat/Beat Sheet
Popcorn Dialogues
Watching movies to write better novels
Podcasts on writing
Argh Ink
Jenny Crusie’s blog
Grammar Girl
Grammar tips/podcasts
Writer Beware Blogs
SFWA info on the business of writing
Dear Author
Romance review blog
Stephie Smith
Articles for writers.  Look for the contest page. 
Charlotte Dillon
Articles for writers
Alicia Rasley’s Writer’s Corner
Articles for writers
Elements of Style
Classic writers reference
Inspiration – when the well is dry…
Deviant Art
Inspiring images, especially paranormal
Fantasy Art
Fantasy Art Design
Stock images

Google images

Miscellaneous helpful things
Web colour fonts
Useful when looking for safe web colours that would be seen on all monitors
Tiny URL
Great for shortening those long links. You can even customise them.
Great to use for giveaways
Beauty and Lace
Online magazine with strong links to Aussie romance authors

iTunes Podcasts

Go to iTunes on your device.
Write or Die – Putting the ‘Prod’ in Productivity.
Encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing.  Online, iPad or desktop.
Twitter feed
Links all your tweets to other social networking accounts


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