Thursday, April 7, 2016

SARA News - The "It's a real gem" edition.

Hullo, intrepid readery friends!

We do hope you've all been well and are enjoying a stellar beginning to 2016.  :)

Please, grab a coffee and a Tim Tam, and immerse yourself in the luminous, glowing sparkly wonderful that is the REAL GEM edition of the SARA News.

We begin with the news that both Emily Hussey and Emmeline Lock's short Sunstone stories have won places in the 2016 Romance Writer's of Australia's Little Gems Contest, and will be published in both print and ebook format later in the year.  Check that fab cover from Sheridan Kent, who has won the cover contest a whopping FIVE times.  Ah...  Makes me want to crack out the banana lounge.  What a gem!

Khloe Wren recently achieved a FIVE STAR review from The Romance Reviews for her Erotic Vampire Romance, Scarred Perfection from Evernight Publishing.  It's a Top Pick, too!  Read more here.  It's a gem!

Bronwyn Stuart has a shiny new release!  Mixing Business With Pleasure is out from Escape Publishing, and by Bronwyn's own admission, it's "hot, hot, hot!"

Alison Marcum loves her baby brother and would have done anything for him--until the day his loan sharks arrive on her doorstep and demand she pay them ten thousand dollars or else. 
With no way to repay the money, and not wanting to find out what they’re capable of, Alison transforms herself from boring social worker to smoking hot model--but getting work isn’t going to be the hard part for a woman who’d promised herself never to step in front of a camera again.
Sam Mason is overseeing a jewellery advertising campaign, and after spending ten minutes in the boardroom with a nearly naked Alison, he decides he might actually enjoy the job. Strictly business, though. Sam’s been burned by a model before and no matter how attracted he is, there’s no way he’s getting involved.
As the lies begin to unravel and the loan sharks get impatient, will they both risk it all to be together or lose it all in a bid not to repeat the past?

Bella Bucannon has a twinkling new website, ahead of her mid-year Harlequin release, Bound by the Unborn Baby.   Check out the pre-order link here.  Website designed by SARA's own HelzKat Designs.

"As far as everyone's concerned, Alina, this child is ours." 

Surrogacy is the closest Alina Fletcher dares get to motherhood. But when she must tell tycoon Ethan James she's carrying his late sister's child, his solution takes her breath away—a temporary marriage of convenience for the baby's sake!  
Alina knows it's the right decision for her baby, but is marrying a stranger—especially one who makes her heart sing!—the right choice for her? Having loved and lost her own family, this proposal could be another chance at happiness…if only Alina's brave enough to say "I do"!

Good grief, these gems are so bright, I gotta wear shades.  :)

Until next time, happy reading!