Thursday, January 14, 2016

SARA News - Ringing in the new year with new news!

Hello, and welcome to the year 2016 with SARA!

With our Christmas pudding all eaten, and our New Year’s Resolutions made (and broken.  Don’t judge. *smiley face* ), it’s time to get on and celebrate the new year with some new news! 

Maggie Mundy has two new releases out.  One is Scarred Protector, which is the second book in the Midworlder Trilogy. 

You’ll also find her book World Change in a Rogue Phoenix box set called Perceptions of Love, featuring six full-length novels that challenge convention.  Other authors featured include Angela Castle, Tamsin Baker, JL Addicoat, CL Kramer and Christine Young. 

Congratulations, Maggie!

Amazon buy link for Scarred Protector

Amazon buy link for Unknown Protector

Angels and demons are not what you think. They are aliens, and the Midworlders are their 

representatives on Earth. An Angelic Midworlder called Heath goes to the aid of Evie who is 

about to be attacked by Demonics. He soon discovers she can see the angels and demons 

around her and is in grave danger. He is captivated by Evie who has physical and mental 

scars like him. They are tortured souls who are deeply connected by his past. There is an evil lurking inside Evie that could kill them both.

Available November 18th 2015 from Soul Mate Publishing.

You might recall that late last year Liana Skrzypczak won a spot in the Hachette Mentoring Program with her dystopian YA, Gold.  Well, just in case that wasn't stupendously clever enough, she’s gone and done it again, this time receiving a Carclew Professional Development Grant to work with NY Times Bestselling author Sean Williams. 

Check out here for the full list of recipients.  Liana is going to be a busy little writer this year.  Go you, girlfriend!

Check out @LianaSkrzypczak on Twitter for more updates. 

Finally, Virginia Taylor’s new book Charlotte, with be published on February 2nd by Kensington Books.  This is the third in the South Landers Series, following Starling and Ella.   Virginia's on a roll!

CHARLOTTE, South Landers #3

​After losing his first love in childbirth, Nicholas Alden knows that he must never be a father. But to be a husband is a very different matter—necessary for his family name. So when he meets beautiful social climber Charlotte, he believes he has found a wife he can keep at arm’s length.
If he knew the truth of her scandalous parentage, all would be lost.

​Set in 1860's Australia

Pre-order it here

Until next time, happy reading!



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