Monday, August 12, 2013

SARA News - The Day of the Debutantes!

It's okay.  You may leave the frothy white dress with matching gloves in the back of your wardrobe, and stay in your seat with your coffee and your chocky bicky.

Allow us here at SARA to parade a few of our debutantes before you.  You can't see it, but I'm wearing a very nice tux right now.  

VICTORIA PURMAN is cordially inviting you to the launch of her debut book from Harlequin, Nobody But Him.  We can't be certain Victoria will be wearing a frothy white confection, but good times are guaranteed!

It's out on October 1st.  Need a closer look at that gorgeous cover?

She didn’t expect to run into her first love… or to fall back in love with him!
At eighteen, Julia Jones left for the city with a head full of grand plans for an exciting life that certainly didn’t include her home town of Middle Point – a main street with a pub – or Ryan Blackburn.
But fifteen years – and a lifetime later – she’s forced to put her big city life on hold when she heads home to finalise her mother’s estate. Which is where she runs smack bang into the town’s new champion… the same Ryan Blackburn.
The sensible thing to do? Stay the hell away from him and head back to Melbourne as fast as her stilettos can carry her. But Julia finds his offer of a helping hand and a hot body too delicious to refuse and dives into a reckless, one-time fling.
What she doesn’t realise is that tomorrow has a way of sneaking up, and that saying goodbye to her home town – and to Ryan – is much harder the second time around.
You can find Victoria at her website, on Twitter and Facebook.  See you at the launch!

In other cover news, K E OSBORN has a smashing new cover for her debut book, Trust Me? (Book 1 of the Trust Me? Trilogy), which is due for release in September.  Again, not a voluminous white dress in sight, but we're very 2013 here.... 

When Jenifer Taylor (a young woman from the big city of Mornington Vale, California) gets up her day turns from bad to worse when on her way to work she is in a chain collision.

Little does she know this accident will set off a chain of events transforming her dull life and fill it with love and heartache - more than she has ever known before.

Her trust issues spark as she meets a new man (Aiden O'Connell) and she will be asked the ultimate question.

"Do you trust me?"

You can find K E at her website, or on Twitter and Facebook.  

In our final news tidbit, for the first time SUZIE HINDMARSH-KNIGHTS has been featured as Author of the Week at  Yes, I know.  No white dress there either.  There is a very cute puppy, though.  

Until next time, happy reading.



  1. Thanks lovely SARA ladies! Hope to see you all at the launch. If you could RSVP I'll make sure there's enough bubbles ;).

  2. I will be there Victoria. Love the cover.
    Dorothy Shorne


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