Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reading Adventures in December

Ho Ho Ho!  Welcome to a very festive instalment of Reading Adventures...

It's time to swap your coffee for egg nog (fully loaded, of course!), and to leave all those healthy food options back at the supermarket.  It's time to get SILLY!

I love Christmas.  I love the colour, the lights, the little kids' faces, the catching up with friends and family.  All absolute gold.

But the thing I quite possibly love most is the holidays?



Just as Carla Caruso and myself have been doing:

Carla Caruso

I’ve been reading Rough Diamond by “new Australian talent” Kathryn Ledson and absolutely loving it!

I think people have been raving about this book for a while, but I’ve only got onto reading it.

It’s been described as Australia’s answer to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series and a sequel’s on the way. I love the simple, easy-to-read, humorous writing style – and the ultra-protective, gorgeous hero.

A must read! Go Aussie writers :) 

Emmeline Lock

I also picked up Rough Diamond, and just finished it last night.  Phew-ee! Somebody say, "Adventurous ROLLER COASTER with GOOD LAUGHS and HOT LERV"?  Couldn't put it down.  Yes, Ms Ledson.  I am a little weary today.  But I don't regret a moment!

I agree, Carla, it's a funny, quippy read that doesn't belabour the relationship between Erica and Jack, even though life throws all kinds of rotten tomatoes their way.   Check out Sandra O'Grady's thoughts on this book here.  

The ending did leave me a bit wanting, until I rationalised the whole "Um, Emmeline, dude, there's another book," thing.  Then, I felt that the ending was very well done, and felt that Jack was some kind of GOD.  Oh, yum.

Looking forward to Monkey Business, the next book.  And not just because I want more Jack.  Well, maybe not only because I want more Jack... 

Speaking of awesome Aussie writers...  Here's a few I've been mowing through like Christmas chocolates...

The Kissing Season - Rachel Johns.

I do love to read Ms Johns, and this 100-page book does nothing to tarnish my girl-crush.  

A gorgeous hero (with an accent!), a feisty heroine, a small-town feel and and Aussie Christmas!  What more could a reader want?!

Rubies and Black Velvet - Denise Rossetti

I'm a big fan of Rossetti's Four-Sided Pentacle series (Loved The Flame and the Shadow!), and this novella, which falls at #1.5,  brings us all the mystique and sultry heat of those books.

Once again, the hero, John, was a work of art.  He was perfect.  Completely sigh-worthy.  

A curse, a delectable hero, a strong heroine, well-woven fantasy and a number of beautifully-done erotic scenes.  Win!  

Originally published in Unlaced in 2008, it stands alone well, and is a well-worth a holiday read.  

Bravo, Ms Rossetti!

Speaking of gorgeous novellas, I've also had a few more crackers that I've taken off of the top of the TBR and devoured...

Starstruck in Seattle - Juliet Madison

An adorable, funny, quick read that left me wanting more Juliet Madison!

Which led me to...

I Dream of Johnny!

I would have bought this for the title and cover alone, but on the back of a surge of Juliet love, this one was awesome.  A very cute, uplifting read.  

Finally, allow me to share with you one final book that I have recently read and loved...

Catch of the Day - Carla Caruso

Isn't that just THE prettiest cover you have seen for eons?  Our summer (ha!) has started off very cold, and made me kinda depressed.  But fear not, one look at this cover and I was cured!  The colours, the water, the floppy hat and the little heart ... isn't it just perfect!?
Now, Ms Caruso is fully aware of my girl-crush on her (I may or may not have done some gushing over SECOND CHANCE here.) and it's only marginally embarrassing for us both.   

I would happily wear a lifetime of  weird silences and cleared throats, if I could read gems such as this.  

Set in Kingston SE, this is a wonderful coming-home story (I do love those, especially when high-flying women pack up their stilettos...).  It has a number of my favourite things--a mysterious hero, a heroine who knows what she wants and doesn't dally about decision making, crystal-blue waters, small-town heart ... and crayfish!  Heaven!

Do yourself a favour, hit the beach with this great book.  NOW!

And what is really cool is that every author featured today is AUSTRALIAN!  I KNOW!  Awesome, RIGHT?  

Oi, oi, oi!

Until next time, happy reading, and a very merry and safe Christmas to you all.

Emmeline.  xx


  1. This is hilarious, Em & Carla. All these books are in my TBR pile.

    I met Kathryn Ledson at the ARRA booksigning in August (I was sitting next to her) and she is lovely. I have my autographed copy all ready to devour.

    Em - I have just finished reading Thief of Light (book 2 of the Four Sided Pentacle) so really should go and check out Rubies and Black Velvet before I hit book 3.

    I have heard such good things of Juliet Madison and so can't wait to read her books.

    I agree re Carla's cover. Just gorgeous. Which is why I want the print book and need to get myself organised to actually buy it. :(

    I too loved Cityglitter. Joint squee moment and can't wait to get to another book of our talented SARA.

    Thanks for such a great post, Em. And Merry Xmas back to you!!!

  2. Oops, I just realised Sandra's review last time on this very blog is what made me read ROUGH DIAMOND in the first place!!! Oh well - triple the plug hehe.
    So many things you've got me wanting to read, Emmeline. And I adore your way with words - 'a lifetime of weird silences and cleared throats' and 'mowing through like Christmas chocolates'. Can I steal those gems?? ;)
    PS. Green-eyed you got to meet Kathryn, Eleni!

  3. Aww! Glad you enjoyed, Eleni! I swear I hadn't been on the eggnog. ;). So much great Aussie talent isn't there? Must be in the water...

    Also green-eyed about you meeting Kathryn. Probably safer for her that it was you and not me. Could've been the start of yet another girl-crush. ;)

    Carla, hello there! Thanks for your kind words.

    I love how three of us took a look at KL's debut. I think getting multiple viewpoints on the same book is fascinating. Mmm, something for the future for SARA maybe? The group review? I'd be in that... Could get raucous.

    Haha, steal away. The joys (?) of having no filter...

    Thanks for dropping by, lovely ladies. Happy silly season to you both! Xx

  4. Backatcha!! (silly season bit) :)


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