Monday, January 27, 2014

SARA News ~ Rose petals, Destiny, In the Wild

Welcome to another week of our SASSY news...

More Rose petals for Lilliana

Our resident poet, Lilliana Rose's has had her poem, First Line of Defence has been accepted for publication by Every Day Poet.

It's Destiny

Leesa Bow has contracted her New Adult manuscript, Winning the Player, to Destiny Romance (Penguin Australia). 

This is Leesa's FIRST sale! Way to go!!!

 SARAs are doing the Snoopy dance.  

If you have never seen the dance, first of all that's very sad. Secondly you can follow this link here

Spotted in the Wild

Spotted in Big W a few days before it's 1st February release is Victoria Purman's  Someone Like You (by Harlequin Australia).  

Below is the fanning that occurs *mysteriously* after fans or other authors depart the scene. :)

In Other News

The 2014 meeting schedule for the SARA meetings is now up on the website. Maggie Mundy will facilitate the February with a look at the synopsis and outlines. 

Until next time...


  1. Leesa!!!!!!!!!!!

    Huge congratulations on your first sale!

  2. SARAs on FIRE! Big congrats to everyone, with an extra shout-out to Leesa. Way to go! Snoopy all the way!

    Em. ;)

  3. Congrats Leesa :) How exciting :) yipeeeee!

    Love the front cover Victoria of your second book :)

  4. So excited for you! Enjoy the feeling!!!! Woo hoo!

  5. Well done, all!! So excited to read your new books, Leesa and Victoria!! xx


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