Friday, March 14, 2014

Southern Speak - Ergonomics is not a dirty word

I am currently typing very slowly with just my right hand. That's because my left wrist is currently bandaged up after my Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery.

Many years ago when I first finished Business College and started working full time as a legal secretary, I didn't give ergonomics much credence. Within two years I was in trouble. I'd need three weeks off each year to recoup my wrists. But still I didn't clue in to the fact it was my dodgy desk set up that was the issue!

Being all of about 20 years of age, the concept of going on WorkCover (workers compensation) scared the daylights out of me. So I learned to live with it. Moving to different work places I soon discovered the benefits in having a good work station set up correctly.

At home now I have an adjustable keyboard shelf on my desk and use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Normally that's enough. But about eight months ago, I got caught out. On holidays with just my laptop I continued to write on the tiny keyboard with it sitting on my lap (in my defense, I had editing deadlines!).

I tried to ignore it. Thinking it would go away... but it didn't. Finally (I'll never deny I'm stubborn) I went to the doctor and headed off to surgery. My right wrist is also playing up, but no where near as much as the left. But in two years (Doc tells me that's how long I have to wait) if it's still playing up I'll be back to get it fixed. 

Just one more week till the bandage comes off and the stitches come out... I. Can't. Wait!!
My muse has been very busy, I've got a whole new story that needs writing!!!

Anyhow... back on track! If you want to write books, you're going to be hammering out thousands of words a day (hopefully) so you need to do it right to prevent injury. Use this diagram to help you get things straight:

Happy Writing!
Khloe Wren

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