Monday, October 7, 2013

SARA News - Steampunk romance? Contemporary romance? Erotic romance? For romance, we've got the lot.

Welcome to the latest edition of the SARA News. 
We have a sumptuous smorgasbord of sass for you today.  

So get your tea/coffee/cosmopolitan/jelly shot ready, we're going in!

Kyoko Church's newest short story "Wet" is available now in the Shameless Behaviour:  Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame anthology from Go Deeper Press.
Kyoko is "...really, really proud to be in this antho.  The quality of the work is really outstanding and the theme of overcoming erotic shame is something I think is powerfully important. I hope you'll consider taking a look!"  

Lilliana Rose has "Circus Escape", a f/f steampunk romance mecha novella, coming out Less Than Three Press early next year, in their mecha anthology Screw Loose.  

Carla Caruso also has a new book, Catch of the Day, coming out in December with Penguin's Destiny Romance--just in time to throw a copy in your beach bag for summer!  Carla says on her blog that this book is, "...
a little inspired by my first stint as a journalist in the South Australian lobster fishing capital of Kingston SE."

How's that for a cover, eh?  

After a regrettable incident at the office Christmas party, up-and-coming fashion editor, Winnie Cherry, is banished to coastal South Australia to set up a beach lifestyle magazine – 300km from nowhere.
Her friends joke that she'll marry a rich cray fisherman and stay there for good, but Winnie has other ideas. Determined to get back to Sydney within two months, she gets to work and starts counting down the days. Until she meets handsome freelance photographer Alex Bass, and sparks begin to fly.
As Winnie is increasingly drawn into the close-knit local community, she starts to question whether city life is really what she wants.  That is, until Alex drops a bombshell that casts dark storm clouds over all her coastal dreams…

Just because there's no such thing as too many gorgeous covers, here's the one for Virginia Taylor's romantic comedy Dr No Commitment, a novella coming out with Random Romance, also in December, plus as an anthology in print just in time for Mother's Day next year.

A mischievous romantic comedy, about a man who's always run from love and the girl who just might catch him.

Ally was warned about Rohan Sinclair when she first moved to town – and she is determined she won't let this gorgeous, model-dating doctor distract her from being the best nurse she can be. 

Problem is, this bad boy just happens to live in the room next door . . .

It's hard enough to resist his persistent charm at home; almost impossible when they are thrown together at work . . . But a little innocent flirting never hurt anyone, right?

Wrong. Ally knows it's a terrible idea to fall for a man who will never commit, but what if in every other way he's her perfect guy?

Until next time, happy reading.



  1. Fab news everyone.

    Carla - love that cover! Congrats...

  2. Thanks Eleni! And looking forward to reading your book, Virginia.

  3. Congrats to Lilliana and Kyoko, too, of course! Too quick clicking 'publish' hehe.

  4. Carla's cover is lovely, so peaceful. I love the print with the little heart hanging on the end. The story sounds great too, with a pairing of a journalist and a photographer. I hope he's the sort who touches up photos before he releases them. Congrats to everyone else on their good news. Now this is the fourth time I've tried with a message, I'm wondering what I missed in the message compared to the previous three. If it doesn't work this time, I swear . . .


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