Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SARA NEWS - Khloe Wren's new release

Welcome to our first, brand-spanking, shiny-new News post at our new blog home!

What better way to kick off than with a new release.

Khloe Wren is celebrating the release of her Rogue Phoenix Press title, Her Guardian Angel.

Her Guardian Angel, Book 1 of Fire and Snow

The last thing Snow-Leopard Shifter Dominic expects to find at an accident scene is his mate, the beautiful Adele, but after four years of dreaming of her, there she is, right in front of him. However, winning the heart of his lonely, grieving mate is no simple task. Just as their relationship begins to heat up a gravely injured child, Kelly, stumbles into their lives after escaping and fleeing her abuser. Will Dominic and Adele's bond grow stronger as they nurture and protect Kelly? Will their relationship be able to survive all that fate plans on throwing their way?

Buy it here!

Don't forget to check out the trailer here...

Until next time, happy reading (about sexy leopard shifters!), 

Emmeline. x


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