Monday, June 24, 2013

SARA News - Short stories, poems, covers, Oh, MY!

Got your coffee and Tim Tam(s) at the ready?

Welcome to another better-than-good good news post from SARA.

Lilliana Rose's poem, "Farmer's Wife Valentine" will be published Inkerman and Blunt's upcoming Love Poems Anthology.

Lilliana and her short story 'Taking Time' will be joining Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights in Alfiedog's future Beach Read "Came as 'Me', Left As 'We'", which is due for release in July.

Kyoko Church also has a cover for 'Sweet. Sweeter', which will be available both in and separate from the Sweetmeats Press anthology Made For Hire, available in eBook and print from July 15th and July 24th respectively.  

On Tuesday June 25th, Kyoko will be hosting Sex In Words, a fun, sexy and exciting event hosted by Dymocks Adelaide, featuring Kyoko, Angela Castle and Kate Belle showcasing their work.  To find out more, head on over to Dymocks' blog, and don't forget to book!  There will be sexy reads ... and wine!

Musa Publishing will be releasing Eleni Konstantine's 'Snoop', a paranormal noir novelette, on December 6th this year.  Looking forward to that one!

Until next time, happy reading.



  1. Lots of lovely news! Congratulations, Lilliana, Suzie, Kyoko and Eleni!

  2. Look at those great covers - congrats Lilliana, Suzie, and Kyoko.

  3. what a clever bunch we are with all this good news.

  4. Thanks!
    Love your covers Kyoko - dark and delicious :)

    And I'll definitely keep an eye out for your next story Eleni :)


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